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CLTCB Conducts a Survey of Members


The Texas Coalition for Long Term Care Business (CLTCB) conducted a 2013 survey of its members to ascertain whether chronic Medicaid underfunding and deep and repeated cuts to both Medicare and Medicaid funding to nursing homes over the last several years has had an impact on businesses providing goods and services to skilled nursing facilities throughout the state.


See the potentially damaging effects of Medicaid underfunding and repeated cuts to long term care businesses that serve as the backbone of a healthcare sector in our member community [survey results].



The Texas Coalition for Long Term Care Business (TCLTCB) is an association of Texas based non nursing facility businesses providing valuable products and services to the state’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities caring for thousands of elderly and disabled residents statewide.


The TCLTCB was established in 2011 following widespread concern about the impact of ongoing Medicaid and Medicare cuts to Texas’ nursing home care as well as to the supporting long term care businesses, sustainable jobs bases and economic vitality of communities across the state.


TCLTCB’s mission is to raise awareness among state lawmakers, the media and the general public that hundreds of non nursing facility long term care companies provide sustainable jobs and economic vitality in many communities across the state – and that a reduction in Medicaid or Medicare funding not only compromises patient care and effective programs for nursing homes but also directly and indirectly threatens jobs, the local tax base and the entire long term care sector.



Texas’ skilled nursing facilities generate $18.8 billion in economic activity and depend on businesses providing myriad services and products, from the education and training of nursing home staff to the manufacturing and delivery of rehab equipment.  Adequately funding long term care through stable Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement not only ensures quality care for the elderly and a robust long term care workforce, but positively impacts the Texas-based businesses and organizations that support long term care providers in achieving what we all want – the best care for our seniors.


For a report on the long term care’s sector contribution to local economies in Texas, click here.